Information Page For Discussions Involving Erie Boulevard Hydropower Inc., aka Brookfield Renewable Energy

9/29/20 - As most of you have heard, Erie Boulevard Hydropower, Inc., which many of us still refer to as "Brookfield", has filed petitions for real property tax assessment reductions.  The Watertown Daily Times, in an article in NNY360, has published this artcle describing the action.  In an effort to keep you informed of developments, the Higley Association will publish information for your review.

10/14/20 - This letter was read and presented by Association President, Lin Snyder to the Colton Town Board at its' October 14th meeting.-  The entire letter is included in the link, however if you're unable to read it properly, here's the primary contents:

October 14, 2020

Town of Colton Supervisor Cayey And Members of the Town Board:

It is with great concern that we communicate on behalf of the membership of The Higley Association in regards to the assessment of the six (6) Erie Boulevard properties/facilities along the Raquette River in the Town of Colton. With the Board of Assessor’s denial of the Power Company’s request for further and significant reduction in assessment earlier this year, they have since filed a petition for review with the NYS Supreme Court (July 30, 2020). Should the Court grant said reduction, the property owners on Higley Flow as well as the entire town, can not be relied upon to make up the difference with more dramatic tax increases. To do so would cause great hardship and cause many to have to sell properties they have perhaps owned for years.

The Colton Town Board must take any and all steps necessary to show and prove the accuracy of which these parcels are assessed. Again, any significant change to those assessments CAN NOT be recovered on the backs of the taxpayers!


Linden Snyder,